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The Easy Way To Eat Healthily

by Ben Norton
August 6th 2021
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The Easy Way To Eat Healthily

Healthy eating is crucial for meeting your fitness goals but it can be challenging,
especially when you’re busy.
Preparing and cooking healthy meals from scratch can take a lot of time and effort and
even with the best of intentions, it’s tempting to fall back on “convenient” options when
you’re short on time and motivation.
But there is an easy way to provide your body with the exact balance of nutrition it
Taking the guesswork out of healthy eating
Healthy eating isn't just about consuming the"right" nutrients.
Even if you're getting your 5-a-day and think you're eating well, you can still find it hard
to meet your health and fitness goals.
It's also about meeting your individual nutritional needs, which are personalised to you.
We’re all different and a one-size-fits-all approach is the best way to make sure you’re
fuelling your body with the right nutrition for you.
What is "healthy" for someone else could be all wrong for you so it’s important to make
sure your nutrition is bespoke.
But how do you make sure that you're getting the right nutrition for you?
There are three factors that go into this:
Good nutrition
Good nutrition is important for everyone, no matter what your goals are. You can never
go wrong with plenty of fruits and vegetables and they’ll provide you with a range of
nutrients that support your fitness goals. But there’s a lot more involved in achieving a
well-balanced diet that meets your needs.
Clean, unprocessed foods that don't contain any nasties or preservatives are also
important and they’re the base of all our meals.

Your lifestyle and goals
Beyond nutrition, you also need to look at your fitness goals and general lifestyle.
If you’re looking to build lean muscle, your ideal macros are going to be very different to
someone who wants to lose weight. And this means your day-to-day nutrition will be
different too.
Your activity levels also affect your macros and calorie requirements. If you’re very
active, you’ll need a different balance to someone who is mostly sedentary or just
starting to build up their fitness levels.
Your dietary preferences
If you don’t enjoy eating the foods that will be the bulk of your day-to-day nutrition, you’ll
find it hard to stick to any meal plan. And that makes it a lot more likely that you’ll
struggle to achieve your goals.
It’s one of the biggest reasons why most diets fail as they’re often based around
unappealing foods!
The aim is to find the sweet spot between the foods you like eating and the foods that
will help you meet your goals. Personalised nutrition makes this easy and ensures a
tasty, balanced menu that you’ll look forward to eating.
How we make it easy to eat well for your needs
On your own steam, it can be complex and stressful to try to work out how best to fuel
your body and never really knowing if you’re getting it right.
We created FoodFit to take away the stress and frustration. Our meal plans are tailored
to your specific needs and make it easy and fun to meet your goals. Whether you want
to build more lean muscle, lose weight or just feel fitter and healthier, we’ve got you
Our plans provide personalised nutrition based on your activity levels, dietary needs and
With the help and support of an expert nutritionist, you can enjoy a balanced meal plan
that has the exact macros that will help you achieve your goals.

A convenient way to eat healthily
Eating healthy doesn't need to be complicated or time-consuming. You don’t need to
obsess about whether your nutrition is helping you meet your goals. With bespoke meal
plans, you can have complete confidence that you’re working towards your goals and
eating healthily at the same time.
And when your meals are created from seasonal and locally sourced ingredients and
made fresh with no added nasties, you can eat well even if you lead a busy life! You
won’t feel tempted to fall back on convenience foods and lose momentum with your

by Ben Norton
FoodFit Consultant

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