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The Best Ways Of Detoxing During Lockdown

by Ben Norton
February 1st 2022
Bottles of fruit juices to encourage healthy detox during lockdown.

Everyone I have spoken to this week is feeling the effects of over endulging during this Lockdown. Viridian have a product that is often forgotten due to its name “Equinox Elixir” which in essence is a fantastic Detox Complex. So if you are feeling sluggish and want to start getting back on track with your health and fitness, then this is a brilliant starting point.

If you are looking for a perfect detoxification program then personally I will be using the Equinox Elixir with Terra Nova’s Life Drink Super Greens complex which is AMAZING.

Here is what is in the Equinox Complex

Dandelion Root – Dandelion root is one of the most widely used ‘cleansing’ herbs in the World. It is known to be both ‘choleretic’ (increasing bile production in the liver), and cholagogue (causing contraction of the gall bladder, releasing bile). It is believed that the bitter resins in dandelion are responsible for this action, via nervous reflex. When our taste buds detect these very bitter compounds, there is a reflex stimulation of both the vagus and hypoglossal nerves, which causes an increase in the production of gastric secretions, plus liver related actions are cited. Many toxic compounds processed by the liver, are biotransfomed into fat soluble compounds. These substances are carried away from the liver via the bile, which then leaves the body via the bowel.

Burdock Root – Burdock is another of the classic cleansing herbs from Western Herbalism. The roots contain arctiopicrin, a powerful bitter agent known increase the release of bile from the liver (Chandler & Osbourne, 1997). As with dandelion, this activity will aid in the removal of fat soluble toxins from the body via the bowel.

Artichoke – Artichoke is another powerful liver herb, not to mention a culinary delight. Artichoke is high in two powerful compounds – caffeoylquinic acids and chlorogenic acids. These compounds have renowned choloretic and diuretic properties (Lietti, 1977).

Nettle – The common stinging nettle is one of the most broad and powerful medicines in the English hedgerow. Nettle has traditionally been used to treat allergies and skin complaints, but is also believed to be an effective diuretic agent, enhancing kidney function.

Dandelion Leaf – Dandelion leaf, quite deservedly, has the reputation as king of the natural diuretics. A whole cocktail of phytochemicals and minerals, interact with glomerular filtration rate – the rate at which filtered fluid leave the kidneys. This is beneficial as it encourages a more rapid removal of water soluble waste materials from the body.

Cleavers – Cleavers, otherwise known as ‘goose grass’ has been used for centuries as a spring time cleansing agent. Cleavers is very high in a group of compounds called coumarins, which are the compounds that fill the air with distinctive fragrance when a lawn is being mown. Coumarins have a wonderful effect upon the lymphatic system. They cause a natural contraction of the lymphatic vessel walls, enhancing lymphatic return. This speeds up the rate at which waste products within the lymphatic vessels are removed via the kidney.

Acacia Honey – Acacia is one of the sweetest varieties of honey and is made by bees consuming the nectar of acacia flowers. It has high concentration of fructose and has a low GI.

by Ben Norton
FoodFit Consultant

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