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2021 Protecting our Planet

by Lionhouse
February 1st 2022
A readymade Food Fit meal containing chopping pepper on a grey plate shows Food Fit is a green, sustainable company.

As we approach the end of 2020 and digest the challenges we have all had to face during this year, our thoughts are turning to 2021 and what the new year may bring for our Foodfit family.

Whilst we know our meals and plans have always been of  the highest quality – our 2021 launch goal was to ensure we matched that quality with an environmental commitment to you, our customers. Every ingredient of every meal is sourced locally where possible, limiting food miles & every part of our packaging is recyclable and/or re useable, whilst keeping your meals fresh,  to reduce our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum. Taking these steps means every meal is not only designed to be of maximum benefit to you – it also leaves the smallest footprint on our planets resources.


by Lionhouse
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