Weight Loss meal plans

Personalised to your needs, delivered fresh to your door

Every element individually portioned to ensure you reach your goal.

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All your weekday meals
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Want to lose weight? Say goodbye to fad diets and try our effective meal plans with great tasty meals

  • All your week day meals
  • Personalised to your exact needs
  • Personal nutritionist prepared plan
  • Flexible packages for 1 or 2 people
  • Prepared by Michellin trained chefs
  • Made with the finest ingredients
  • Delivered fresh twice weekly
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How does it work?  Easy steps to food fitness


You’re not alone. Ongoing nutritionist support to track your progress

Convenient plan options to suit your unique weight loss needs

FoodFit for two? Need to skip breakfast? We know when it comes to food decisions, cost and convenience are key. So we’ve made sure we offer flexible options to suit your setup and weekly lifestyle.

Definitely staying on the Foodfit bandwagon!

“Had my first FoodFit meal yesterday and was one of the best Lasagnes I’ve ever tasted! Definitely getting on the FoodFit bandwagon!!!”

The food tastes great…

“Started Foodfit a week ago with a goal to lose fat. The food tastes great and have never felt hungry, far from it, I had to question if I’m eating too much!”

Averaging 3lbs weight loss per week

“Absolutely loving the Foodfit programme – easy to stick to and tasty food!! I’ve recommended it to loads of friends and family. Averaging 3lbs weight loss per week so I’m very happy”

Brilliant tasting food, brilliant service…

“Brilliant tasting food, brilliant service… even delivered today in the snow! Started in January and losing pounds every week – can definitely recommend!”

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