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The Best 6-Week Workout For Weight Loss

by Sally Aquire
February 1st 2022
A man and woman in the gym. They're in the squat position whilst swinging ropes during a weight loss workout.

When it comes to weight loss, not all workouts are created equally. If you want to lose weight in a set time frame, your workouts need to be consistent. That means you need to be enjoying the workouts so you’ll feel motivated to keep up with them over the entire six weeks.


How Much Weight Should You Aim to Lose?

Safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week. Trying to lose more than this is tough to sustain and it can potentially be dangerous. Women can experience hormonal imbalances, fertility issues and changes to menstrual cycles if body fat falls too low.

The amount of fat you can lose in 6 weeks is highly unique to you. Some people can shift a stubborn half stone (or sometimes more) but others will lose less.


How Often Should You Workout?

Working out every single day can be counterproductive. It may feel like the smartest way to lose weight in a short time frame but it’s harder for your body to recover.

Focusing your efforts on doing 3-5 workouts per week and increasing your step count in between gives your body a chance to recover between sessions.


Combine Cardio With Strength Work

A combination of cardio and strength work gives you the best of both worlds. It’s how you burn fat and build muscle. Adding high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into the mix too increases your fat-burning potential even more.

You don’t need lots of equipment for this combination but a set of dumbbells is crucial for strength work. Kettlebells are also a good move for HIIT elements.

You might assume that cardio will get the bigger nod but focusing heavily on strength work can bring bigger gains.

You definitely don’t need to do cardio for hours on end to see results! Strength work will help boost your metabolism and it can also raise your heart rate and increase the number of calories you burn.

Strength work can include using weights, bodyweight exercises and Pilates; it doesn’t need to be solely focused on lifting weights.


Week 1 & 2:

Box squats – 3 x 8 reps
Dumbbell lateral raise – 3 x 8 reps
Planks – 3 x 15 reps
Cardio HIIT – 10 x 10-15 second sprints with 20 second rests
Box jumps – 3 x 8 reps
Dumbbell lunges – 3 x 8 reps
Ab curls – 3 x 10 reps


Week 3 & 4: HIIT circuits for 15 minutes each:

HIIT circuit 1:

Mountain climbers – 10 reps each side
Pushups – 20 reps
Squat jumps – 10 reps
Ab curls – 10 reps

Rest for 5 minutes


HIIT circuit 2:

Dumbbell lunges – 10 reps
Burpees – 20 reps
Dips – 20 reps


Week 5: HIIT circuits for 20 minutes each

Circuit 1:

Dumbbell squat – 10 reps
Dumbbell front squat – 10 reps
Push-ups – 10 reps
Dumbbell lunges – 5 reps each side
Rest for 5 minutes


Circuit 2:

Kettlebell swing – 20 reps
Kettlebell hip thrust – 20 reps
Bent leg reverse crunch – 20 reps
Ab curls – 10 reps


Week 6: Same as week 5


What To Eat Alongside Workouts For Weight Loss

Workouts for weight loss are only part of the equation. What you eat is equally important. To lose weight easily, you need to be in a calorie deficit. In other words, you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming.

Of course, exercise will help you to do that but your day-to-day nutrition is crucial too. Try these nutrition tips alongside your workouts to support your weight loss goals.


Load Up On Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are highly nutritious and they’re usually low in calories. Aim to fill at least half of your plate with leafy greens and other vegetables. It’s a huge fibre boost and your gut bugs will love it.

Gut health is a hugely underrated part of healthy weight loss. Research has suggested a strong link between “bad” gut bacteria and obesity while people with higher levels of “good” gut bacteria are less likely to be overweight.

Focusing on your gut health alongside weight loss workouts can make it easier to lose weight and maintain it.


Don’t Skimp on Protein or Healthy Fats

Alongside your workouts, make sure you’re getting plenty of protein and healthy fats. It helps your body to recover from each workout and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. If you’re getting enough of both macros, you’re less likely to crave snacks between meals.

Add protein and healthy fats to all of your meals alongside vegetables. The combination of fibre, healthy fats and protein is a winning one for weight loss.

by Sally Aquire

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