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About Us

A lifetime of training and experience in every meal

FoodFit was created to help you reach your fitness goal. Weight loss, Muscle Gain, Healthy Eating, General well being – whatever your goal, our nutrition team, with years of experience and expertise, will fuel you on your journey.

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our kitchens

State of the art facilities with Michelin trained chefs

From the word go we knew that the only way we were going to succeed was if the meals we were serving people were good. No one wants to eat a boring, bland meal everyday so we invested everything in appointing the best chefs we could find to help us craft the exciting seasonal menus we offer our customers all year long. They operate from our state of the art kitchen down here in Devon, where we adhere to the highest food standards and hygiene.

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How it started

We saw an opportunity to create the optimum goal driven meal prep service

FoodFit was established in 2016 after years spent training and meal prepping ourselves. After trying several services we soon came to the conclusion that there was a gap in the market for a fully personalised meal plan service. Everyone is different so the only way to deliver effective nutrition to each individual is to truly understand their needs and dietary requirements. We are proud to say that our service has proven again and again to work for our customers.

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Proud Member
Winner of South Devon Business Awards 2018 shows this is the best subscription service for achieving your healthy eating goals.
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