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We believe everyone is Unique. FoodFit caters for every dietary requirement. Are you GlutenFree, DairyFree, Vegan? Looking to lose weight or Gain Lean Muscle – FoodFit can design a personal package for you. Even if you are looking to Eat Healthy, Convenient food – Now is the time to join the FoodFit Family.

Bespoke diet plan


After placing your order your FoodFit Questionnaire will arrive direct to your Inbox.

Fill out the questions and include as much detail as you feel will help you, Our Team at FoodFit HQ will then design your very own Bespoke Plan..

Your Bespoke plan will be delivered to your Inbox the day before your first Fresh Delivery – giving you time to see what fantastic food is on the way to you and how your plan for the new week is structured.


Our Michelin Trained Chefs prepare and cook your personalised food at our own tailored Kitchens. Every element of every meal is weighed into your dish to esure every Macro is exactly right for your and your FoodFit goal.

Your cooked, sealed Package is collected and delivered by our trusted couriers in our very own Temperature controlled packaging to Ensure it reaches you in optimum condition Every Time!

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Fresh Meals – direct to you

All meals are individually prepped, cooked and delivered to your Home/Office for the Ultimate in Convenience Food.


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